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Women's Fiction and Contemporary Novels about Love, Laughter, and Friendship

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A mother realizes the only way to protect her daughter is by denying she ever had her.
Three friends in crisis and a crazy list of adventures that just might save them all.
Four college friends struggle to follow the rules of relationships meant to keep their hearts safe.
Would you fulfill a friend's last wishes, even if they threatened to upend your life?
“Thelma and Louise” meets “Pay it Forward” in this new novel about women's lives and women's friendships.

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Coming March 10, 2015: SENSELESS ACTS OF BEAUTY
Tess has a secret: For fifteen years she has been furtively following the life of the daughter she gave up as an infant for adoption. But when Sadie runs away from home determined to find her birth mother, Tess has no choice but to hunt down the desperate girl in the one place she dreads—Pine Lake, where a terrible, buried secret threatens to destroy them both.


“Do not miss this rich celebration of friendship—its power to heal, to fulfill, and to put life’s adventures into perspective. This book is as comforting as a cup of tea with your best friend.”
Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling author of Return to Willow Lake.

"Lisa Verge Higgins has delivered another masterpiece in fiction."
-- Debbie Haupt, Moderator of the Barnes & Noble General Fiction Forum

Lenny left his wife Monique a healthy legacy and a bucket list--a list of adventures they'd hoped to experience before cancer took his life. For four years his widow ignored it, too busy raising their daughter to consider the painful task of resurrecting shattered dreams. But when Monique notices her earth-mother neighbor Judy acting crazy in her empty next, and their best friend, Becky, traumatized by chilling news, Monique dusts off that wish list and contemplates it with new eyes. Lenny never meant for her to do this alone--and this crazy list of adventures just might save them all.

"Higgins scores with a richly told story of what every girl wants, and the friends who'd sacrifice everything to help her get it."
--Publisher's Weekly

"[for] fans of Jennifer Weiner and Emily Giffin."

"[Higgins] presents hard realities, dysfunction, and best of all, possibilities and a novel that you wont soon forget."
--RT Book Reviews

Dhara, Kelly, Marta & Wendy have been the closest of friends since college, so close, in fact, that after a series of communal romantic disasters, they bond together to create rules of relationships meant to keep their hearts safe. Now, at the far side of thirty-five, those rules seem to have worked for them—country-club Wendy, a curator of a small local museum, is due to marry a longtime boyfriend in an over-the-top wedding; Marta, a high-powered Latina partner in a white-shoe law firm, is living in sensual luxury with a sexy Cuban entrepreneur; Kelly, the tech-geek computer programmer, seems happy in her introverted singlehood. Only Dhara, an Indian-American cardiologist, is struggling after the abrupt end of a long-term relationship. When she suddenly decides to agree to a traditional arranged marriage, her girlfriends gather in the hopes of stopping her from making a terrible mistake. As old relationships crumble and dangerous new ones emerge, the girls begin to realize that the rules that they made to keep their hearts safe may have also shielded them from the risky possibilities of true love.

"Poignant, romantic, and funny . . . about the need for our closest friends to occasionally give us a shove in the right direction when we've lost our way. You'll recognize yourself in these women. I loved it."
--Claire LaZebnik, author of If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now

"Get the first 'Best Read' of 2011 . . . a love story about what it really means to be a friend."
--Debbie Haupt, B&N General Fiction Book Club

"An amazing novel of love, friendship, and community. A truly joyous read."
--Jane Porter, author of Flirting with Forty and She's Gone Country


Rachel Braun plans it well. An extreme-sport athlete, Rachel becomes frustrated watching her best friends drift apart, settle into ordinary lives, and turn into shadows of the fearless women they’d once been. So, during a wine-soaked reunion, she extracts a promise from them: If something ever happens to me, I'm writing a letter to each of you. Promise you’ll do what I ask.

The women agree without hesitation. After all, Rachel Braun is indestructible.

So begins THE PROPER CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF FRIENDSHIP, a novel about three friends forced to face their biggest fears. Sarah, a jaded international relief worker, must track down the only man she ever loved—a personal icon who represents the last of her crumbling ideals. Kate, a stay-at-home martyr, hurls herself out of an airplane. The ten minutes of terror spur her to seize back what she’d sacrificed for the sake of family—at a terrible risk. And Jo, a Kentucky-bred media mogul voted “least likely to breed,” is given the most unexpected task of all: Caring for Rachel’s orphaned and emotionally fragile daughter. As their lives careen out of control, the three friends turn to one another for help—and realize the true value of friendship.

"Higgins’ latest wonderful, page-turning novel further confirms her status as a master storyteller. Her narrative beautifully chronicles the relationships and adventures of former friends with a heady mix of belly-deep laughter, tears and empathy" --- RT Book reviews TOP PICK

"Women readers won’t wish to miss one mile of this rich, thoughtful, and sagacious novel. Men smart enough to want to know what women really think would be wise to dip a toe in Pine Lake." --Library Journal

"Fans of chick lit will enjoy this humorous and uplifting homage to good friendships and a variety of Americana." -- Booklist

With the remnants of her past rattling in the trunk of her Chevy, Jenna Elliott abandons her Seattle home determined to start life anew. Her journey compels her to the door of two friends: Claire, an ex-Buddhist nun and cancer survivor, eager to escape her overbearing family for what may be her last chance to fulfill a dream; and Nicole, a professional Life Coach who can’t even control her own teenage son. But what starts out as an impulsive road trip soon becomes an inexorable journey to their past, as the women grapple with who they were, who they are, and the strange twists that have now set them on the road to their hometown of Pine Lake. There, Jenna discovers that her random act of kindness has rippled out into the world like a stone dropped into a deep pond, coming back to rock her life—and those of her friends—in ways they never expected.