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Author of Women's Fiction and Contemporary Novels about Love, Laughter, and Friendship

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I love the latest version of SENSELESS ACTS OF BEAUTY--hardcover large print!


Release Date January 19, 2016!

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"A rousing swashbuckler . . . a wonderful read!" --RT Book Reviews

WINNER "Best Swashbuckler of the Year" --RT Book Reviews

"Sweaty, gritty, and suspenseful. Don't miss it!" --Rendezvous

"Verge is a tale-teller whose writing is stunningly real." --Affaire de Coeur

Now available at Amazon and Amazon International

Senseless Acts of Beauty has been nominated for BEST MAINSTREAM NOVEL of 2015.

I'm thrilled to announce that RT BOOK REVIEW has just posted their 2015 nominees for BEST BOOKS OF 2015, and SENSELESS ACTS OF BEAUTY is one of five finalists for the honor of Best Mainstream Novel.


Available May 25, 2015!


"[Sing Me Home] is proof that people can change, one man can make a difference, and that romance novels can be funny, and lusty, and still cross into deeper territory." --Detroit Free Press

"I love Ms. Verge's style. She scatters her puzzle pieces, then fits them into the most unlikely places. This one left me soaring." -- Rendezvous

"Lisa Ann Verge is one of the best medieval writers today." -- Affaire de Coeur

Blessed with an angel’s voice, Maura of Killeigh escapes from a convent determined to join a band of traveling players. They’ll be her protection on the roads while she searches for the parents who abandoned her at birth. But once face-to-face with the seductive, sinfully handsome vagabond who rules the troupe, Maura wonders if she wouldn’t be safer traveling alone....

NOW AVAILABLE at Amazon and Amazon International

Nothing makes my day more than seeing another review pop up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, or any other retailer. THANK YOU ALL for reminding me why I do what I do.


Hamilton Township Library panel

February 10, 2015 found me and three friends--authors Maria K. Alexander, RoseAnn DeFranco, and Tina Gabrielle--chatting about books and writing with about fifty avid readers. Thanks to author Marlo Berliner for putting it all together!


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I'm giving it away!

Happy Birthday to all of YOU! As a gift to all of you I'm GIVING AWAY the eBook of THE FAERY BRIDE on all vendors until November 17th, 2014. Get yours now!

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Available October 16, 2014!

"An absorbing, exciting romantic adventure!" --RT Book Reviews
"Lisa Ann Verge breathes fresh life into the romance genre with a novel that should gather her award nominations." -- Affaire de Coeur

Struggling to survive on the streets of Paris, Genevieve will do anything to start a new life. She’ll even switch places with a King’s Girl, one of many penniless young noblewomen destined to be shipped to the savage French colonies. It’s a dangerous masquerade that comes with a high price: Once in Quebec, Genny will have to marry a stranger.

Notorious explorer André Lefebvre has too many reasons not to take a wife. He’s launching a long-planned western expedition deep into untamed lands—a perilous journey that no gentlewoman could possibly survive. Forced to exchange vows with a King’s Girl in order to receive royal consent, he intends to leave his wife-of-convenience safely behind.

But once set loose in the New World, Genny defies her brawny, free-spirited husband, preferring to seduce rather than obey. She’ll risk any danger for a chance to build a real future . . . even the danger to her own heart.


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A mother realizes the only way to protect her daughter is by denying she ever had her.
“Thelma and Louise” meets “Pay it Forward” in this new novel about women's lives and women's friendships.
Three friends in crisis and a crazy list of adventures that just might save them all.
Four college friends struggle to follow the rules of relationships meant to keep their hearts safe.
Would you fulfill a friend's last wishes, even if they threatened to upend your life?