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Women's Fiction and Contemporary Novels about Love, Laughter, and Friendship

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Lenny left his wife Monique a healthy legacy and a bucket list—a list of adventures they’d hoped to experience before cancer took his life. For four years his widow ignored it, too busy raising their daughter to consider the painful task of resurrecting shattered dreams. But when Monique notices her earth-mother neighbor Judy acting crazy in her empty nest, and their best friend, Becky, traumatized by chilling news, Monique dusts off that wish list and contemplates it with new eyes. Lenny never meant for her to do this alone—and this crazy list of adventures just might save them all....
Dhara, Kelly, Marta and Wendy have been close friends since college, so close, that after a series of romantic disasters, they write their own rules of relationships meant to keep their hearts safe. Those rules seemed to have worked, until Marta discovers that her hot boyfriend is married, Kelly begins a risky affair, Wendy inches closer to a pre-marital infidelity, and, most shocking of all, Indian-American Dhara agrees to an arranged marriage. As old relationships crumble and dangerous new ones emerge, each women must decide how much she’d risk—for love, for happiness, and most importantly, for each another.
When three women each receive a letter from a dying friend, old loyalties drive them to fulfill her last wishes. But those wishes turn out to be world-rocking tasks that threaten to upend their ordinary lives. With a career at risk, a marriage in jeopardy, and a heart in terrible danger of breaking, these three women discover an essential truth: The only thing that can save them is friendship
“Thelma and Louise” meets “Pay it Forward” in this new novel about women's lives and women's friendships.

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